About Reverend Lizzie

Reverend Elizabeth Teal is an interfaith minister. She is honored to create ceremonies and celebrations for all Creatures, large and small. She is a weaver of words and a storyteller.

The light of love shines through many windows; in all faiths there is a golden rule.

I, Elizabeth Teal, believe that I am called to the ministry of animals. I hope to share and shine a light on our holy relationships with ourselves, each other and with other species. That is probably too arrogant, yet I am called. I hear so often the phrase the “human-animal bond.” We seem to have forgotten that we are also animals. I hear so often that we have destroyed nature. We seem to forget that we are a part of nature. I hear so often that God is nowhere to be found, and we seem to forget that in all the wisdom traditions, we are identified as children of the Gods, created in God’s image, voices of the Great Spirit, parts of the Divine – in whatever cultural language you choose, we are sacred.

My goal is to create spaces and forms (however they may look) for people to connect with themselves & each other; with Nature and with species other than their own in an open and authentic way. I believe in the power of the story as deeply as I believe we are the storytelling animal. But mostly, my desire is to bring a corner of solace, hope and healing to a bruised and troubled world that forgets, as we all do on occasion, that we and it are Holy.”

Reverend Teal is a specialist in interspecies bonds, companion animal behavior, animal-assisted therapy, education, emotional support and crisis response. She was on the board of The Society of North American Dog Trainers; served on the Pet Partners National committee; was a member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers; and was a Delta Society Pet Partners evaluator and instructor. At the ASPCA’s headquarters in New York City, she was coordinator of the Visiting Pet Program, served as an evaluator of shelter and Board of Health animals in the care of the ASPCA, and was a behavioral counselor with the Society’s Companion Animal Services. She and her dog Annie made over 19 trips to the World Trade Center in the aftermath of 9/11 and volunteered at the NYC Family Assistance Center Pier 94 until it closed. Annie is now retired. She has a new canine partner, Tomi, a Standard Poodle.

Liz is a consultant for ‘Pattes Tendue,’ headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

She deeply believes in our healing connections with each other and other species. She actively tours as a speaker and storyteller, as well as appearing on local and national television and radio discussing pets, pet-related issues and our human bonds with them.

She is a graduate of One Spirit Interfaith Seminary.

She is available for Speaking, Preaching, Weddings, Funerals, Memorials, Adoptions, Dedications, Home Blessings and all manner of sacred ceremony. reverendlizzie@gmail.com

She can also be reached here! at the Ministry of Animals


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4 Responses to About Reverend Lizzie

  1. oh lizzie, I’m so proud of you. This page is so inspiring! ❤

  2. Linda Hamilton says:

    I have had the honor of listening to your story telling. I still remember a Sunday morning lecture where you stopped and had us all listen to the lovely song of the church bells. That one moment made a tremendous impression to stop and enjoy the simple things in life. Thank you, Liz

  3. Hi Lizzy,

    Thank you so much for stopping by my fledgling blog and for taking the time to leave me a like, it is appreciated. 🙂

  4. Hello Reverend Elizabeth, Thank you for your response to my post ‘What does materialism have to do with mysticism?’. With best wishes, from Phil Stanfield

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