A Very GAY Sermon

I have had the pleasure and the honor of delivering this message at the All Souls Unitarian Universalists of Putman Co. in Palatka, Fl  and at Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church in Jacksonville, Florida.

and now i share it here with you.

Are you happy?  please listen watch and share this  BIBLE BASED sermon on homosexuality and why we all deserve the right to pursue happiness.


It is a companion piece to my sermon of last month,

“Somewhere Beyond the Rainbow”


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Somewhere Beyond the Rainbow

It was my honor to delivered this sermon to the Unitarian Universalists of Putnam County, Florida on Sunday February 19th, 2017.

While we sang many hymns, we also sang this:

Somewhere Over the Rainbow It’s a Wonderful World.  

it is my hope that you will listen to this sermon, and share it.  We must learn to love ourselves and each other better. and if it touches you, please share it along with your comments.




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Of Trees and Lights: a Chanukah Story

Tonight i had the privilege of presenting a short story for Chanukah at the Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church in Jacksonville, Florida

Enjoy!  it’s under 5 minutes  – Light up the world with Love.

Happy HAPPY, Merry MERRY and many blessings to you all.

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Mary, Did You Know?

Last Sunday i had the privilege of delivering this sermon to the Unitarian Universalists of Putnam Co, Florida… and one of the members taped it!  so i would like to share it with you!

We are all too familiar with the phrase, ‘What would Jesus Do’, and it’s acronym ‘WWJD’ – although it seems more popular as jewelry than as actual advice these days….. but the question i am asking this holiday is:

“What would Mary do?”



It is 23 minutes long…. but i long for an open discussion of what it might look like to ask yourself, “What would Mary do?”

These holy days, i wish each and every one of you, peace and good will…..

and much much Love.

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A Winter Solstice Message

Tonite, the longest night on year, a short message, captured by a cell phone!  and now shared with you :


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advice from Ruth



Advice from Ruth


Rend your clothes





Wail in sorrow and in denial,


Let no one deny you your pain

Let no one deny you your mourning

Let know one deny you your fears


Empty yourself into the ocean


And then in pain,


rise again,

Clear eyed from bathing in the salt water seas of your soul


And Remember ….

You are not alone.



“Wherever you go, I will go.

Wherever you live, I will live.

Your people shall be my people.

Your God is my God.

Where you die, I die,

And there I will be buried.”
But ah Ruth, until that time –

We shall live. Together.


We shall live together.


For I have vowed to hold all God’s people in my heart.


What is in your heart?





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Agnotology, a sermon for today

I delivered this sermon two weeks ago, but it seemed important to post it online today.

this is  audio only, and my first soundcloud upload — so please, ask away, place your inquiries and discussion into the comment bar below… remembering to pass it thru the three gates first:

  1. is it true – in this case,  is it a genuine inquiry, or is it a truthful statement
  2. is it kind – the wording, as well as the intention
  3. is it needed and useful – sometimes, what we have to say or do may feel unkind – but is so needed that we have to find ways to say it in a kind manner….
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