Holding and Releasing

i Carry Your sunny days within me in all ways.


We shine and shimmer like the sun on the water…

We are all reflections of You.

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For Brad and the Riviera 

I remember a basement apartment Filled with laughter and hope

I remember the candy store on the corner…

We survived on egg creams and pizza and pirogue!

We lived in the alphabet – anything was possible.

We were holy and profane.
I remember the 3 flight walk up,

Above Brothers and Sisters on Theater Row…

Eight of us lived there in two rooms until I moved next door

And music filtered up from Barbara Allen’s…

It has changed too.
I remember the 5 foot walk up

With the Chinese restaurant on the corner 

(They served the food on pedestals under domed steel)

Before it became an Ann Taylor

Before it was all torn down for a luxury high rise 

With a Starbucks where the…what was on that other corner 

It took away all my afternoon and evening light..

In those days I only faced West.
I remember the 6 flight walk-up

With the toilet in a closet in the hall

And the bathtub in the kitchen 

On a street filled with coffee houses and music and bad poetry 

(And sometimes good too)
I remember 110 steps up from an elevated train into 

The woods of Manhattan 

Filled with children of all

Languages and faiths and colors.
I remember when I had buns of steel and was climbing to the stars.
I remember when the twin towers fell,

And the horror of it mixed with incredible feelings of loss and belonging…

Belonging to New York, to each other, to this Earth.
And I think perhaps we are not longing for the buildings of the past,

As much as those feelings of belonging.

Perhaps misunderstand nostalgia…
Is it simply a Divine imprint in our hearts 

Reminding us we belong?

Holy and profane,

We always belong.

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The hard drive died…

And with fingers crossed in hope and prayer 

It has been sent away to hospital,

or perhaps Frankenstein’s laboratory for devices with names.

And then,

And the tablet crashed …too old to save…

And thus my life support vanishes..

Books and stories trapped in a hull of hope….

Incomplete manuscripts, and bad poems,

Pictures of ink and children…

And I realized how very attached I am to it all…..

And feeling quite shamed

 that I did not learn the proper way to salvations in the digital age, 

I find myself surrounded by benefactors and crows…

All speaking to me of belonging.

All is forgiven, 

the real question is, not, “are you forgiven?”

But can you forgive yourself,

And learn.

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Dream visitor

In a dream 

A small cloud of silver floated into my arms,

And then barked.

Listen to your dreams.


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Yesterday was Easter

Yesterday was Easter but Easter is simply a holiday to remind us, it is not the event itself – for the light lives in each of us, always in all ways… today is still Passover – and we are still walking to freedom – and as Ram Das so eloquently puts it – we’re all just walking each other Home. 

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A Very GAY Sermon

I have had the pleasure and the honor of delivering this message at the All Souls Unitarian Universalists of Putman Co. in Palatka, Fl  and at Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Church in Jacksonville, Florida.

and now i share it here with you.

Are you happy?  please listen watch and share this  BIBLE BASED sermon on homosexuality and why we all deserve the right to pursue happiness.


It is a companion piece to my sermon of last month,

“Somewhere Beyond the Rainbow”


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Somewhere Beyond the Rainbow

It was my honor to delivered this sermon to the Unitarian Universalists of Putnam County, Florida on Sunday February 19th, 2017.

While we sang many hymns, we also sang this:

Somewhere Over the Rainbow It’s a Wonderful World.  

it is my hope that you will listen to this sermon, and share it.  We must learn to love ourselves and each other better. and if it touches you, please share it along with your comments.




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