Storytelling and the path of the spider

Creche story still 1

I told a story last night at a coffee house, it was requested by someone who had remembered hearing about it when I first told it as a Story for All Ages at a Unitarian Universalist Church…she had not been able to hear it then, so I told it again…and I will tell it again and again – each time will be a little different – cause true stories are like that – they shift with the winds of need and hope.

And it was my hope to be able to share that with you today – I have been trying to create video/audio content and post it every two week, either for Ministry of Animals, or for this personal blog, Reverend Lizzie. I do post daily on Ministry of Animals….meditations, words and ink – not sound nor movement….

But a week ago my father-in-law died….(who walked me down the aisle, not to give me away, as i am my own gift, but to represent all the important men who helped raise me – who could not be there)  And then came others who I knew, this week they crossed over, they died as well – and instead of producing a video – over here, we were producing tears.

Ollie & Lizzie wedding aisle

Life has a way of reminding us of the dichotomy of our bodies – being designed to heal, and designed to wear out…sometimes even concurrently. Perhaps to point us to those bits that never wear out – that are in a continuous process of evolution and growth.

And that now is a time for listening, and gentlenesses –

And as if to make it very clear –

The story I told last night was The Story of Arachne. A Greek story we only know thru three Romans: Ovid, Pliny the Elder and Virgil – and well the version I told was be a little different – but no less factual – and perhaps truer to this moment…

And you will get a chance to hear it. But not yet. And rather than publish the text – which is meant to be told – I am hitting the pause button.

And as if to make the point very clear,

When I tried to leave my house today, my path was closed – it so subtle I almost missed it – by a gossamer peace sign. Woven by one of Arachne’s many children – a Jewel Spider.

please check out the post  Pathways and Gates for a picture of it on my other blog.

All is metaphor,

Al is Grace.


About eteal

Reverend Teal is a minister, chaplain, artist and storyteller. She specializes in the human-animal bond and all its healing aspects.
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