Meditations on Light

I have had one of those quietly amazing days –

not what one usually thinks of when you think of Halloween –

but when you think of it like Celtic New Year

it makes a bit more sense –

especially if you believe,

in metaphor…

and i do.


I have several meditation daily practices,

one is my sumi-e reflections which i blog on The Ministry of Animals

and one is some form of  creation –

as we are made in the image of a creator, it keeps me mindful of that.

Today for my creation meditation i carved a pumpkin:


there was no plan, just to carve where i was led –

in the words of the Great Prayer:

Beauty before me…..

peace flooded me, the sun shone and the cats purred.

i thought i was finished, gave thanks and took the picture above.

I then I went in to the smallest room in the house –

To test out the pumpkin’s purposefulness –

you know the room – some wise thinking occurs there,

 one with no windows – and many faucets – a porcelain chair – perhaps you have one too?

 i put an electronic light inside the orange globe,

closed the door and….

was in almost complete darkness.

(did i mention i believe in metaphor?)

deep breath. deeper breath. and i stepped back out into the light.

all the delicate carvings, invisible in the darkened room, visible once again.

I went back to the patio,

cradling my pumpkin, knowing what i needed to do.


Beauty is more than skin deep – and we are never through discovery –

hearing Leonard Cohen in my head,

“theres a crack, a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”

it echoes and hits another truth –

it is also where the light gets out.

So i dig deeper – it may not be as pretty in the light as it was before But it worked –

This year we gave away small bottles of bubbles to the trick or treaters who stopped by.

we had a bubble machine set up as well – and as i tried to take a picture the bubbles kept catching the light and floating filled with sparkles and swirls –

turning into rainbow streaks in the camera – they told me  – remember….


 it is in the dark that we and others need to shine –

to share our light and reflect it back to others.

don’t hide it under a bushel.


Crack open.



Happy Samhain, Joyous Sawin, Happy Halloween.


About eteal

Reverend Teal is a minister, chaplain, artist and storyteller. She specializes in the human-animal bond and all its healing aspects.
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