Memorial Day USA


Memorial Day

For all the fallen –

Enlisted or drafted

Though you are gone, you are not lost.


There is no war in my life time that is worth the cost of a single one of your lives.

My freedom can not be bought with your blood, nor the blunders of politicians.

And still I know in the moment, in that moment – you saved a life, cost a life.

Like bloodshed from any battle –

We must forever hold your sacrifice holy –

For every soldier’s life is Holy.

I forget this when we think that we can be saved by war.

I forget this when we decide to make it OK

that our brothers and sisters and daughters and sons died

by saying they died for our freedoms.

I forget this when I think that we need yet another blood sacrifice to save us.

We need not be saved by any blood sacrifice, two legged or four –

Ever again.

I honor the fallen, enlisted or drafted.

I honor those who paid the price for our collective forgettings,

For our failures to act in ways

That prevent wars rather than provoke them.

I honor their loss,

And my loss,

And our losses

By remembering their joy, their love, their laughter.

I honor them

By living in freedom,

By working for peace.


About eteal

Reverend Teal is a minister, chaplain, artist and storyteller. She specializes in the human-animal bond and all its healing aspects.
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